Movin’ On Up!

Hey guys! How is everyone doing? I hope your semesters are going super well, I know mine is. I’m just dropping in to give a quick update on what’s going on in my life. Two of the biggest pieces of news are the fact that I’m officially signed off to graduate in Spring 2016, which is amazing and scary. The second bit of news is that I got a promotion at my technician job at Apple! I’m now officially a full time Family Room specialist.

FullSizeRender 2

Look at that goof troupe photo they chose! 

With work and my last semester life is going to continue to be busy, but I’m definitely optimistic about it all. Let me know in the comments what’s going on in your lives! What do your schedules look like for next semester?

BFA One Night Show!

Here’s a quick post about a quick event! If you’ve been reading my posts and you still haven’t been to a show at the Art Space on Main, here’s another chance to change your ways! The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Critical Concepts class, as well as other BFA students, are putting together a one night show of their work.


This quick show is a great way to see some wonderful student art work. This event is during the Thursday art walk, which is another awesome reason to get out of the house and get downtown. I’m going to try my best to be there, and I hope to see some of you there!

If you do stop by, take some pictures and throw up a blog post, we’re always looking to put the word out to other students about the Art Space on Main.

31 Nights of Halloween Flicks

This October I decided to take on a big challenge that would lead me through some dark alleyways and strange realms. As a massive fan of the Halloween season and an equally big fan of horror movies, I decided I would watch thirty-one Halloween films before the end of the month. To top it all off, I wanted the list to be made up almost entirely of films I had never seen before.

Without further ado, here is my completed list, along with thirty-one single sentence reviews of each film:


Beautifully shot in lovely black and white, the subtlety and slowness of this movie will turn some viewers away, but the twist on the common vampire theme here is done gorgeously.


A vampire tale with just the right amount of camp and weirdness, this flick became an instant vampire classic in my book.


Genuinely well acted and frightening, Poltergeist impressed with its great pace and expertly creepy atmosphere.


Very strange and very slowly paced, this film is worth it for the beautifully surreal imagery and fantastic third act that will leave you sweating.


Surprisingly endearing characters and a wacky set of plot beats made this a relatively enjoyable flick, while the last act of the film became a truly suspenseful and unnerving climax.


With great creature effects and a lot of originality, the only place Hellraiser fails to deliver is in a satisfying pay off or sense of focus.


What starts as a pretty straight forward B-horror flick soon turns into a highly intelligent, wild, and funny gore-fest that became an instant Halloween classic for me.


Stressful and uncomfortably well-acted, Starry Eyes is a film that builds wonderfully to a true horror movie last act, but quickly loses focus by the very end.


With amazing creature effects and a real sense of claustrophobia, this film is funny and heartbreaking, though the pacing gets strange and the ending feels tacked on and abrupt.


With a very slow start that ramps up the suspense, this flick features some wonderful talent and an unnerving plot that ends in a nail-biting final act.


As expected, David Lynch’s masterpiece is almost unintelligible and very tough to get through, though the surreal imagery and soundtrack are enough to keep one seated until the end.


A truly unsettling documentary about sleep paralysis, this film ambles somewhat lazily through several different creepy stories told by those who have experienced this phenomenon.


While the silent film aspect of this movie may make it tough for some to watch, the pacing and frenetic style of this flick made it a very interesting and surreal viewing.


Messy and uncomfortable with a few great horror scenes and some amazing color work, Suspiria is overall a disappointment for anyone looking for good scares or a coherent plot.

A surprise from Australia, The Loved Ones is a quickly paced romp with gore and bombast that delivers on the gut punches and twists.


Rather tame for what it was advertised as, Green Inferno is a quick watch with little to offer beyond some interesting character makeup and ham-fisted social commentary.


A quick watch with a gorgeous score and beautifully eerie scenery, The Fog does not stack up well with other Carpenter classics like Halloween, but it does deliver some thrills and chills.


Well acted, disgusting, and cleverly set up, The Thing is a well-paced alien flick that rides the line between sci-fi horror and action romp.


This little oddball film delivers on the laughs and a few good scares, though the acting and final act are what really stand out in this low budget surprise.


Slow and steady, The Omen benefits from Gregory Peck being truly convincing as a confused and frightened father stuck in the middle of a series of iconic horror scenes.


Straight forward until the last fifteen or so minutes, The Kill List takes a long time to feel like a horror movie and leaves you wanting more of something you never really got enough of in the film.

GOOSEBUMPS (the movie)

Goofy, but surprisingly sharply written in many places, Goosebumps will speak to the kid in you who was creeped out by killer clowns and ventriloquist dummies.


Completely worth it for the beautiful cinematography and gorgeous ending, The Orphanage slows down in the middle but manages to deliver some great scares throughout its runtime.


Corny and confused, Hostel makes one wonder why Eli Roth blew up in the way he did. The concept is there, but the execution fails on almost every level except for a few instances toward the end of the second act.


Odd and stitched together, this bit or horror satire is dirty and uncomfortable all the way through, though the ending is genuinely scary and nail-biting.


Paced like a Russian novel, The Others is a showcase of Nicole Kidman being convincingly confused and scared, though the film only becomes truly entertaining in the last bits of the final act.


A short peek into a world before zombies were all the rage, Night feels like a refreshingly scary take on the mythology it eventually inspired.


This extremely hit-or-miss anthology has some brilliantly creepy shorts mixed in with messy bits that water the whole experience down.


A classic Disney retelling, Sleepy Hollow is a fun and musical time that culminates in a surprisingly frightening final chase with the Headless Horseman.


Though it can be difficult to watch at times with its shaking camera moving up and down stairs, the wonderful acting and genuinely uncomfortable scares make this one to come back to.


Not a new one on my end but one I get something new from every time, Halloween is a John Carpenter masterpiece full of gorgeous shots and one of the greatest horror villains ever created.


The challenge was a tough one at times, but it helped build to a fantastic Halloween. Which of these films have you seen? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Apple Halloween Party

Here’s an extra post this week, because I feel like sharing a couple photos from the Halloween party I went to last weekend! I’m not usually the type to get invited to Halloween parties, and I tend to end up decorating my home and watching a ton of scary movies during October (which I’m still doing this year. That post is coming up, I’m at about twenty-five movies).

This year I was invited to a Halloween party thrown by one of my coworkers, and I ran into a classic dilemma: What in the world should I dress up as? I wanted something comfortable and not too much work. In previous years I’ve gone pretty extravagant with my Halloween costume, and this year I wanted function over form.

A coworker asked me the night before the party if I owned a black turtleneck, and my costume was decided for me in that moment. I decided to attend the party as Steve Jobs.


Other costumes at the party included: Marty McFly, Mad Max, Obama, Iceman from Top Gun, The Antichrist, the Brawny paper towel guy, Han Solo, and Freddy Krueger, among others.

The get together was a ton of fun, and my costume went over extremely well. People were talking about it the next day at work!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments.

The end is nigh!

Hey everyone, apologies for the week and a half without a post! I’ve been very busy, but very happy with everything going on in my life. I’m feeling especially productive and accomplished both at work and at school, and that’s always a great feeling.

Today I had advising for my last semester of school as an undergrad, and it turns out I only need three classes in order to graduate. I need a public speaking class or group discussion class, a gallery internship, and an individual study with an art professor of my choice.

I think my last semester is going to be very interesting. I’m considering applying for full time at my job in Modesto, which would work nicely if my schedule is relaxed in the Spring. Conversely, I could take extra classes for fun, which is something I’m definitely considering. As you can probably tell, I’m not really leaning toward the idea of giving myself more time to relax!

What are your opinions? Should I take some more classes or look into working more? Should I take group discussion or public speaking? Leave your opinions in the comments and I’ll take them into consideration!

Graphic Design Work (October)

Hey everyone! I’ve been posting a lot lately about events that concern the art department and art club in particular. I figured this week I’d post a bit of the graphic design work I’ve been doing in my spare time!


First up we have a Halloween poster I designed called “Frankie’s Kid.” This poster ended up being pretty popular and landed me a gig designing art for a Central Valley theatre company called SCT.


These next images are pages from a zine I created for a class. These pages fold into an eight page volume full of these little video game fruits.


And finally, this is a preview of some of the work I’m doing for SCT. In November the group will be performing “The Little Mermaid.”


I’m also working on a couple other projects, but those aren’t quite ready to share. When they are I’ll be sure to post them here! As always, if you’d like to check out some more of my work, feel free to swing by some of my past blogs or check out my website.

Let me know what you think of the pieces in the comments!

WARRIORS UP AT NIGHT- Halloween Edition

I’ve only been to Warriors Up At Night once in my tenure as a student at CSU Stanislaus, and I have to say it was quite a bit of fun. The highlight was a scavenger hunt and a game of Just Dance in front of a crowd of people.

Since then I have not had the chance to attend another Warriors Up At Night event, but I think that’s going to change this year. I’m an avid fan of Halloween, as I’m sure some of you know from reading my past blog posts over the years. That’s why seeing this poster in the quad absolutely piqued my interest:


I’m working until nine on Friday, so I will most likely only have time to throw on some skeleton makeup or put in some fangs and head onto campus. For those of you with a little more time to prepare, I definitely recommend entering some of the contests listed on the poster!

If you attend, take some fun photos with your friends and throw them up on your blog! I’d love to see some of you there in costume.

Reception for Carla Bengtson and Rachel Clarke

I’ve posted a few times on my blog about the Art Space on Main since its opening downtown, and I still think it’s one of the best places to stop by on a Thursday night. The Art Space is an extension of the CSU Stanislaus art department and regularly holds artist exhibitions from students, faculty, and guests.

On Thursday, October 8th, there will be a reception for artists Carla Bengtson and Rachel Clarke. Here’s a bit about their work from the Art Space on Main Facebook page:

“FALLING OUT SPILLING OVER is an art exhibition by the artist/scientist team Carla Bengtson and Peter Wetherwax that explores the lifeworlds of other species. Many of the works on view have grown out of shared residencies at research stations in the Amazon, and include projects in which orchid bees interact with videos of themselves, leaf cutter ants cut and collect works on paper, and a series of sculptures created By, For, and With the Birds.

Rachel Clarke (born Shropshire, UK) is an artist, writer, curator and and educator living in Sacramento, CA. Clarke is Professor of New Media Art in the Art Department at California State University, Sacramento. Her work – intertwining themes of nature, culture, and technology – has been shown in galleries, museums, new media art festivals and film screenings nationally and internationally. She has recently shown at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz Austria; Aggregate Space in Oakland, CA; WORK Detroit, MI; and Currents International Festival of New Media in Santa Fe, NM.”

Both artist sound like they have some amazing work to show, and I’m always interested in pieces that have a focus on the organic, nature, and science.

There will also be a printmaking demonstration on the same night from our newest professor in the department, Marty Acevedo. We will be selling prints on paper for $5 and prints on t-shirts for $10 (only $5 if you bring your own shirt!)

11850628_443050569214867_6937943973217240548_oThe reception will be Thursday, October 8th, at six o’clock in the Art Space on Main in downtown Turlock. I’ll be there, so feel free to swing by and say hey! Take some pictures and blog about your experience, too!

NAACP Fine Art Gala

As promised I’m going to be updating everyone on art club events and shows going on around town! Last week’s event at La Mo turned out to be a relaxed and fun time with some great performances.

IMG_0161 IMG_0158

Coming up at the beginning of October we’ll be having an event in partnership with the NAACP. Here’s a bit about that straight from the Art Club of Stan State Facebook page:

“The NAACP will be hosting a Fine Art Gala at the Clarion Inn in Modesto! Here, the Art Club of Stan State will be displaying artwork for sale. It will be from 6:00pm-8:00pm on October 2nd. Water and wine will be provided with donation. General Admission is $5. The NAACP will also be doing a raffle for an additional $5/ticket. General Admission tickets can be purchased at the door or online at:

Please come support our student artists! The whole community is invited!”

I will try my best to show work in this show, and I encourage you all to stop by if you can. The Art Club of Stan State is really trying to make waves this semester with a revamped image and a ton of great events that will help put local artists on the map.


CHAD HUNTER: A 20 Year Retrospective

We’ve all had that one professor we thought was one of the coolest people in the world. It can because they’re incredibly smart, immensely talented, or just makes sure to give you enough time to get those tough assignments done.



In the case of Chad Hunter, he meets all of that criteria. I’ve been enrolled in his Digital Media, Visual Identity and Branding, Intermediate Graphic Design, and Illustration classes. Through my time in the art department working away on three-week-long assignments I’ve learned a great deal from him, and I’ve always wanted to look at all of the different work he has created over the years.

With Chad Hunter: A 20 Year Retrospective the entire campus gets the chance to do just that. If you have never been to the University Art Gallery, now is the time to go. Chad’s work over the past two decades includes graphic design, illustration, and painting, and is really one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. The paintings and illustrations pop with color and humor, while the graphic design shows a professional level of sophistication and knowledge.

You still have the chance to go see some of this fantastic work, and I highly encourage everyone to stop by for a few minutes!