Reception for Carla Bengtson and Rachel Clarke

I’ve posted a few times on my blog about the Art Space on Main since its opening downtown, and I still think it’s one of the best places to stop by on a Thursday night. The Art Space is an extension of the CSU Stanislaus art department and regularly holds artist exhibitions from students, faculty, and guests.

On Thursday, October 8th, there will be a reception for artists Carla Bengtson and Rachel Clarke. Here’s a bit about their work from the Art Space on Main Facebook page:

“FALLING OUT SPILLING OVER is an art exhibition by the artist/scientist team Carla Bengtson and Peter Wetherwax that explores the lifeworlds of other species. Many of the works on view have grown out of shared residencies at research stations in the Amazon, and include projects in which orchid bees interact with videos of themselves, leaf cutter ants cut and collect works on paper, and a series of sculptures created By, For, and With the Birds.

Rachel Clarke (born Shropshire, UK) is an artist, writer, curator and and educator living in Sacramento, CA. Clarke is Professor of New Media Art in the Art Department at California State University, Sacramento. Her work – intertwining themes of nature, culture, and technology – has been shown in galleries, museums, new media art festivals and film screenings nationally and internationally. She has recently shown at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz Austria; Aggregate Space in Oakland, CA; WORK Detroit, MI; and Currents International Festival of New Media in Santa Fe, NM.”

Both artist sound like they have some amazing work to show, and I’m always interested in pieces that have a focus on the organic, nature, and science.

There will also be a printmaking demonstration on the same night from our newest professor in the department, Marty Acevedo. We will be selling prints on paper for $5 and prints on t-shirts for $10 (only $5 if you bring your own shirt!)

11850628_443050569214867_6937943973217240548_oThe reception will be Thursday, October 8th, at six o’clock in the Art Space on Main in downtown Turlock. I’ll be there, so feel free to swing by and say hey! Take some pictures and blog about your experience, too!

NAACP Fine Art Gala

As promised I’m going to be updating everyone on art club events and shows going on around town! Last week’s event at La Mo turned out to be a relaxed and fun time with some great performances.

IMG_0161 IMG_0158

Coming up at the beginning of October we’ll be having an event in partnership with the NAACP. Here’s a bit about that straight from the Art Club of Stan State Facebook page:

“The NAACP will be hosting a Fine Art Gala at the Clarion Inn in Modesto! Here, the Art Club of Stan State will be displaying artwork for sale. It will be from 6:00pm-8:00pm on October 2nd. Water and wine will be provided with donation. General Admission is $5. The NAACP will also be doing a raffle for an additional $5/ticket. General Admission tickets can be purchased at the door or online at:

Please come support our student artists! The whole community is invited!”

I will try my best to show work in this show, and I encourage you all to stop by if you can. The Art Club of Stan State is really trying to make waves this semester with a revamped image and a ton of great events that will help put local artists on the map.


CHAD HUNTER: A 20 Year Retrospective

We’ve all had that one professor we thought was one of the coolest people in the world. It can because they’re incredibly smart, immensely talented, or just makes sure to give you enough time to get those tough assignments done.



In the case of Chad Hunter, he meets all of that criteria. I’ve been enrolled in his Digital Media, Visual Identity and Branding, Intermediate Graphic Design, and Illustration classes. Through my time in the art department working away on three-week-long assignments I’ve learned a great deal from him, and I’ve always wanted to look at all of the different work he has created over the years.

With Chad Hunter: A 20 Year Retrospective the entire campus gets the chance to do just that. If you have never been to the University Art Gallery, now is the time to go. Chad’s work over the past two decades includes graphic design, illustration, and painting, and is really one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. The paintings and illustrations pop with color and humor, while the graphic design shows a professional level of sophistication and knowledge.

You still have the chance to go see some of this fantastic work, and I highly encourage everyone to stop by for a few minutes!



I’m sure a lot of you have already heard a bit about Warriors Explore Downtown. At the very least you have seen some of these posters plastered up around campus.


While the event as a whole looks to be pretty great, I’m going to give you the heads up about one bit in particular: the open mic night at Cafe La Mo. The Art Club of Stan State is collaborating with the cafe to put together an open mic/art show. Students from CSU Stanislaus will be showcasing their artwork and participating in the festivities.

I’m personally going to be showing some of my printmaking at the show alongside some other brilliant work. If you find yourself in the downtown Turlock area and want to stop by for some coffee, live music, and awesome art, make sure you say hi!

The entire downtown event lasts about three hours, while the open mic night and art show begin at six o’clock. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

The Art Major Strikes Back

Alright guys, here goes another semester! Last week was quite busy so I was not able to get a post in, but I’m going to be queuing up some content so I can keep myself on a good schedule for you guys and gals. I’ve been thinking a bit about what the focus of my blog is going to be this semester, and I’ve decided I’m going to focus a lot more on the art aspect of my college experience. I am the only art major blogging for CSUS, after all! Here are some blog subjects you can expect in the coming months:

-Updates on art events happening in the department and around the Turlock and Modesto.

-Updates on the pieces I’m working on throughout the semester.

-Updates on the projects other artists in the department are working on.

-Movie reviews! I love writing these and I feel like good movies are a way for students to decompress, so I want to put the word out there if I see something good!

I feel like my posts are going to improve with these goals in mind, and I hope you all enjoy seeing a bit of the art world through my blog.

If you’d like to see a bit of the work I’ve already done, feel free to head to my website: Anthony Silva Art.

If you want to see what’s going on in the art department in general: Art Club of Stan State


A Quick Congratulation

Hey guys, I know I said my goodbyes for the summer in my last blog, but I did feel like it was necessary to post a quick little congratulations post for everyone who graduated today and yesterday. Quite a few people I know, including my roommate, some friends from the art department, a couple high school friends, and a part of our blogging team have graduated. Sitting at my younger brother’s high school graduation yesterday evening, I realized just how much an event like that means to a person. After five years in college I had started to forget the thrill of moving on to a new stage in my education, and I began to feel nostalgic, but also excited for my own future graduation and the graduations of my peers here at CSU Stanislaus.

I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations to all of you who made it this far. It’s a massive accomplishment, and I hope you all realize that. I look forward to seeing what all of you end up doing, though it’ll be bittersweet to see you all go.


It’s that time again!


It’s time to say goodbye for the summer. That’s good, because summers should be spent outside while the weather is great, not in front of a computer. Unless of course you’re binging the new seasons of True Detective or Orange is the New Black! If you’re doing that, I commend you!

I’m really looking forward to this summer for many reasons. My girlfriend is back in town from her school in New York, and she’s transferring to Berkeley in August! A couple of my best friends are also coming back for the summer and we’re already making some fun plans for trips. As discussed in a previous blog of mine I’m going to see many of my favorite bands this summer: The Tallest Man On Earth, The Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Purity Ring. Studio space is open to volunteers in the art department, so I’ll have a good place to work on my artwork during the break. I’ll be working a steady job over the summer, which has never been the case for me, and that’ll help out a lot.

Mostly I’m just excited for the chance to spend time with people I care about and rest up before I enter my last year of college. I hope you all have wonderful summers, whether you’re taking classes or not. Let me know what your plans are in the comments!

I’ll see you all on the other side! August, I mean. The other side of the summer. Stay safe guys.

Dancing Queen

On the list of activities I thought I would be participating in on my Saturday night, watching a dance performance was not one of them. Especially since this is the basically the extent of my dancing ability:


My friend and coworker invited me to attend the Dance Culmination Concert at the MainStage Theatre because a friend of his was performing. We arrived slightly late and entered the theatre right before the show, and my fear was that I was going to feel like a parent going to see their child perform in an awful school play.


At first I was not super invested in the performance, but I was there to support my friend. By the time got into the sixth of eighteen performances, I found myself tapping my foot and really having a good time. The performers seemed to be having a lot of fun for the most part, and the dancers covered everything from Rocky Horror Picture Show to Mamma Mia, completing with a medley involving all the dancers under a disco ball. I left having enjoyed myself by surprise, which is often the case when I attend live performances on campus. I highly recommend challenging yourself to go see a live performance you wouldn’t normally see on campus.

Who knows, you might enjoy yourself by surprise!

Senior Art Show

Hey everyone! I’m just popping in to give you a little update concerning the Senior Art Show that occurred last night . I’m sure some of you already know about this, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the low down! (Did I really just say low down?)

For BA art students and BFA students alike, there comes a time when we look forward to graduation and must meet a bunch of little requirements before we can move on to the next step in our artistic careers. One of those requirements is participation in the Senior Art Show. Now one of my previous blog posts revealed that I am not going to be graduating in fall like I previously thought I was, but I decided that I would still participate in this year’s show. It’s good experience, and I get to add a show to my resume!

For this year’s show I decided to submit one of my paintings that I created earlier in the semester, “Consider The Tetrapod.”



The show was at the Art Space on Main and consisted of a half hour of looking at the amazing art the BFA students submitted, and then an artist talk where every one of us came up and commented on our work. The show was pretty packed, and all of the art looked great displayed in the gallery. It was so awesome to see my paintings up there!

IMG_2460 IMG_2461 IMG_2462

While I do still have a year left here, it was bittersweet to see a lot of people who are going to be leaving soon talk about their amazing work, and I’ll miss them all. If any of you are interested in seeing some more senior art work, the BA show is this next Thursday in the University Art Gallery at six! Feel free to stop on by!


My sort of short review of Avengers: Age of Ultron

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review on my blog, but anyone who doesn’t live under a very large rock knows Avengers: Age of Ultron has been a very highly anticipated film for practically the whole movie-watching world. Now I know I probably don’t need to say this, but I’m a huge fan of these movies. I’m a massive comic book fan, so I’ve been following the Marvel uphill climb to success for quite a few years.

Thursday night was the debut of the eleventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and here’s my little review on it:

The writing: When we’re talking about Joss Whedon and his writing partners it’s never a surprise to say the dialogue is top notch. It’s what Whedon does best, and it excels at being both funny and heart felt in this film. Much like the first Avengers the humor abounds, and I appreciate that about these movies.

The acting: This is an all star cast, and I’m not even going to list them because it would be ridiculous. Needless to say the acting is great all around, even with a couple bad accents to deal with.

The action: The action is pretty much non-stop, to the point that it sometimes gets to feel like it’s a bit too much. Some of the action scenes feel slight over long, but they are very well choreographed and rendered, and in a movie like this you expect to see Hulk smashing and Iron Man…ironing?

The story: There are some odd turns to strange subplots that are definitely set up to hint toward future Marvel movies and ideas, so at times the plot feels like a bit much, but overall it does feel like it comes together into something enjoyable and worthwhile.

I won’t go for too much longer. While I had some simple complaints with the movie I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s at all interested in seeing it, as it really is a great time at the theater.

Have you seen Avengers 2? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.