Reception for Dean DeCocker


If you have yet to see Professor Dean De Cocker’s art, you’re in for a treat. Three dimensional shapes are turned into fascinating sculptural pieces that cast even more intriguing shadows across the walls of the gallery they are meticulously mounted in.

Dean’s most recent show, ‘Welcome to the Pacific’, is currently showing in the Art Space on Main in downtown Turlock, and runs from January 28–March 24, 2016. If you’re interested in attending the reception and artist talk for Dean’s show, here’s some information from the event page!

Reception: 5:30 pm. Artist talk: 6:00 pm

‘Welcome to the Pacific’ features the latest sculptural works of Dean De Cocker. Created mostly during his recent sabbatical leave, the exhibition unveils De Cocker’s newest response to themes he has explored throughout his thirty year career as a professional artist. From his first winged-shaped structures to the current work, De Cocker has been exploring interests in formal elements by transforming flat, two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional objects. Deriving much of his inspiration from everyday objects such as mailboxes, aircraft structures, wings, propellers, heavy machinery and architectural works. The newest print/painting work in this exhibition involves interests in World War I and II military ship camouflage.’

I’ve seen the show already, and the pieces Dean has constructed are pretty amazing. If you plan on seeing the show or attending the talk, here’s the address for the Art Space on Main:

135 W Main St, Turlock, California 95380

Come down and see the work! Meet the artist! It’s all happening during the Art Around Town Art Walk, so feel free to stop by.

Art Walk

Hey everyone, I’m here again to give you a heads up concerning some more art related events happening around town. If you’ll recall, I’ve written about the downtown art walk in the past. The event takes place in downtown Turlock and is a great chance for venues to showcase artwork and for patrons to see some great pieces and potentially get involved in future art walks!

Here is event information straight from the Art Around Town Art Walk event page.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.21.10 AM


If this sounds like something that might interest you I’ll be downtown this Thursday at La Mo on Main Street showing art and introducing people to the Stan State Art Club. Feel free to stop by and say hey, I’ll be there for at least two or three hours.

If you cannot make this Art Walk, check out the dates posted above and mark one down for the coming months! Have you ever been to the Art Around Town Art Walk? If so, what was your favorite stop of piece of artwork? Let me know in the comments!

Tips For Tax Season


Tax season is upon us, and I know a lot of college students have never been educated about filing their own taxes. While I can’t run through the whole process here, I can outline some basic tips that will make the whole process a lot easier for you!

1. Stay organized – Make sure you have all of your documents in one place! Keep an envelope or folder with all of your pay stubs and employment information so that entering information during tax time is as simple as possible.
2. Educate yourself on deductions – Make sure you’re not missing out on any deductions that could help you out. Spend some time on the internet educating yourself on tax deductions that you might have missed otherwise.
3. File online – In my experience, online filing through a reputable site is the best way to get your taxes filed. You can even take photos of your W2’s with most sites now and autofill the correct forms!
4. Be safe – Don’t give your private information out to sites you don’t trust or through emails! If you’re at all suspicious, triple check everything and make sure you’re doing your very best to avoid scams and potential identity theft.
5. Don’t be late – The deadline for filing you taxes is midnight on April 15th. If you can’t make that deadline, file for an extension before the 15th! You don’t want to miss out on money you earned.

If you have any tips you’d like to add, post them in the comments!

Spring Semester Classes: 2016







It’s crazy to think this will be the last time I’ll be sharing my class schedule out on this blog. It’s kind of a tradition for people to share their class schedules when they get them, and who knows, this could be the last time I do this. On a positive note, I think this is a pretty good schedule I was able to swing.

First up I have Group Communications. This class is for my final GE and is not something I’m especially looking forward to, but the class doesn’t start too early and should be pretty easy.

Next I have Lettering and Typography, which is a graphic design class I’m interested in taking. I have a fondness for typography and really look forward to learning more about it so I can apply it better in my art work.

Finally I have a Gallery Internship class, which is only once a week and will involve learning valuable gallery management skills that I’ll need in the future.

Overall I think this semester should be relatively smooth sailing with some diverse classes, so I’m looking forward to it. I have every other day off for work at Apple, so that worked out very nicely for me. Here’s a look at my weekly lineup.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 11.39.22 PM


Feel free to share your schedules so I can see what kind of classes you’re taking! What classes are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments.

Treat Yo Self!

With tuition putting a big whole in our pockets, it’s important to remember that not all is lost when those many many dollars leave our pockets. We have to remember to treat ourselves every once in a while with our hard earned money, even if spending a penny sounds terrifying.

The key is to find relatively inexpensive ways to uplift yourself and better your day. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with:

1. Buy a book. A book will definitely give you your money’s worth, especially if it’s a really great book. You’re looking at at least a few days of enjoyment for a little money.

2. Add one fancy thing to your shopping list. Get yourself a fancy cheese or some brand name you usually don’t pick up.

3. Rent a movie online or at a Redbox. Watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see for a while for only a few dollars.

4. Find a good deal on a massage and get one. Or even have a significant other give you one!

5. Pick up a simple dessert you can make yourself, like cookies or a cake. They’ll last you at least a few days, you get the fun of baking, and the ingredients are pretty cheap!

Overall, just remember to give yourself a break every once in a while and do something for yourself. School and tuition are obviously very important, but spending all that money doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy yourself a bit afterward.



What are some tips you have for treating yourself? Leave them in the comments!

Remembering David Bowie


Sunday night I sat with my friends, lazily browsing Twitter while they chattered about video games. Through a series of tweets and photos I quickly pieced together the fact that something tragic had occurred.

My roommate is a huge fan of David Bowie, so I immediately texted him the news. My friend Jack put on “Space Oddity” and we sat silently through the song.

I won’t pretend I was always a huge follower of Bowie, I’ve always been a peripheral fan, enjoying all of his songs even when I didn’t realize it was him singing (his career was massive and wildly varied). I always told people I loved him as Nikola Tesla in “The Prestige”, and I had learned why his eyes were different colors in my Twentieth Century Music class in high school.

My friends and I loved singing “Space Oddity” together in the car, and my roommate and I always sang “Heroes” together in our apartment. While I wasn’t an avid follower of the man’s work, I still felt impacted by his passing because he reached people like me too, the people who haven’t heard most of his twenty-some musical releases.

I’ve been listening to his newest album, released just days before his death, titled “Blackstar”, and I have to say it’s pretty off the wall and enjoyable. If you have some time, give it a listen. Or go back and listen to some of the classics.

What are your memories of David Bowie? Do you have a favorite song of his you love to sing whenever it comes on? Share in the comments.

Applying to Graduate School

Now that I’m on my last semester of college, the time has come to start thinking about the next step in my career. In my case, that next step is going to be more schooling. I am applying to three graduate schools in this first go.

Since I’ve been sweating and stressing over applications for the last couple weeks, I thought I would share some tips with everyone that I’ve come up with through my own experience with these big ol’ pains in the neck.

1. Give yourself time. I definitely didn’t give myself as much time as I should have this time around, and it has added a lot of stress to my application process. Give yourself at least a couple of months to put everything together and get yourself organized.

2. Be mentally prepared. These couple months of lead up are a good time to make sure you’re in the right head space and sure you’re applying to the right schools.

3. Map out all of your deadlines and materials needed. Figure out when all of your deadlines are, because they will be on different days for different materials and different schools.

4. Order your transcripts early so you don’t have to worry about them at the last minute. Transcripts do take a while to get sent out, so keep that in mind.

5. Don’t stress too much! Relax and enjoy writing your statements and putting your portfolios together. Be honest and don’t let the process make you too anxious.

Alright, these are just a few tips I have for applying to grad school. Does anyone else have any great tips they want to share in the comments? Is anyone else applying for grad school soon? Let me know!

New Years Goals

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to come up with some New Years resolutions. I’ve never been a big fan of these. This is partly because I don’t tend to stick to a schedule like this with my goals, and also I rarely follow through with resolutions I make at the beginning of the year.

This year I don’t really have any resolutions, I just plan to continue doing what I’m doing, but better. I want to completely own my last semester in college and graduate successfully. I want to keep moving up in the job and get promoted. I want to stay active and eat well. I want to treat all of my friends and loved ones well. I’m largely happy with my life, and really I just want to continue doing what works.

Oh, I also want to read this book:

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 11.47.45 PM

It’s 1079 pages and will probably actually take me several years, but I might as well start now!

What are your goals and resolutions for the new year? Let me know in the comments!


I’ve noticed there haven’t been any posts about this subject since the movie was released. I’m not sure if that’s because people really haven’t seen it yet, or because they were so blown away they can’t really put their thoughts in words.

I’m in the latter group. I could go on for ages in a post about how much Star Wars means to me and how much excitement I had for this movie, but I know that would bore some of you who are not as interested in galaxies far far away as I am.

I’ve seen the movie twice now, and I can safely say it’s a movie that has really captured my imagination. I’m not going to lie to anyone and say the film is perfect, but I’m also not going to lie and say that robbed me of any of the wonder I felt watching it and reflecting on it with friends afterward. I think the story takes the established wheel of the previous Star Wars films (the original trilogy) and spins it in a slightly different direction while not veering wildly off course (the prequel trilogy).

The characters are memorable, very strong, and most of them stand out as characters I want to see more of, especially Rey and Kylo Ren, our main protagonist and antagonist. The visuals are gorgeous and have that Abrams polish mixed in with the worn grit of the Star Wars galaxy, and John William’s score is slightly subdued and dark.

Overall I’d recommend the movie to anyone with a passing interest in the phenomenon that is Star Wars, simply because it’s a very well put together film with some great young talent you’re probably going to be seeing in a lot more movies.

Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!


Come join the Feminists’ Equality Club for a couple upcoming events! The club is relatively new and is doing a lot to put its name out there. The organization is open to everyone who would like to join, and I would highly encourage you to stop by one of their meetings! Just recently the group showed Star Wars during one of their meetings, and it just doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Tonight is a celebration/informational meeting for the group, so if you read this in time and can make it, do it!

JPEG image-F7C0D879074C-1



The club is also putting on a show of artwork and literary work that my roommate and I are going to participate in, and I highly recommend the event to anyone with any work they want to put in or anyone who loves art and writing and wants to help raise awareness for the club and their cause.

There’s contact information on the handouts pictures above, so if anyone has any ideas or just wants to contact the club, shoot Madison an email!